Sacrifice of Passion (Deadly Legends, Book 1)

Sacrifice of Passion (Deadly Legends, Book 1) - Melissa Bourbon Ramirez I'm waffling somewhere between 3.5 stars and 4. I can't decide so I'm rounding up...

This couples' backstory ripped my heart to shreds. Totally, completely left it in tatters. Poor Laney. And god, what Vic went through too, the not knowing and then the knowing and the guilt that followed...It crushed.

But it was also awesome.

I really like this author's voice and the story itself was solid. I never, not once, considered the bad guy to be who it turned out to be. Talk about throwing me for a total loop! The only thing that seemed to be missing for me was a conversation between Laney, Vic and her parents, about what happened all those years ago. Laney had gone through a trauma, lied about Vic (which got spread around town) and that issue was never addressed. (I'm assuming it happened off screen since the cops were all there and it being a small town, the facts of what Zach and Laney went through would come out, but we never actually see it.) One thing about this book (and the second) is the story tends to focus mostely on the couple so there aren't a lot of scenes with secondary characters. (Or they don't seem to be.

NOTE: The second book in this series is "Curse of Passion". I read "Curse" first and that was where I saw the mention of Vic and Laney's troubles. So when I finished Curse I purchased this book. I think I may have liked this one better, but I think what may have tipped the scales was the myth the book explored and Esperanza. I love her!

*This book was a self purchase and all opinions are my own.*