Fringe Benefits - Christine Pope This book was a 2.75 for me but I rounded it up for GR ratings. Does a 3 star mean I didn't like it? Absolutely not. In fact, it means the opposite. It was a good book with an interesting plot and characters and just enough angst to make it good but not over the top.

I did have issues with some parts of the book but that mainly has to do with how fast the resolution at the end happened. There also wasn't a lot of tension (of the sexual variety) between the main characters which made their attraction to each other feel a bit flat. Some people may feel the emotional connection between the characters more than I did-but for it just wasn't there. There also lacked a real resolution really with Jonah. I wanted to see the H take him down a notch (or a few) after what he did to the heroine.

Again, a three star review doesn't mean I didn't like it. So many on GR see 3 stars and think "gah! bad book." BUt again, this is not the case. I liked it, I just didn't love it. As for the author, I will definitely be keeping her on my radar to read more of her work(s).