Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure - Melissa Schroeder This was a cute read, and was definitely worth the time I spent reading reading (4-ish hrs or so I think?). The plot was interesting and I really didn't know who the baddie was until close to the end (awesome twist, love it when all I've thought gets flipped on its head! I really didn't see that coming at all!) Ren was hot and just the kind of neighbor I want. The subplot with Julia and Gabriel was good too, though I'd have loved to see those two get their own book (or short story! *hint, hint*) with a bit more detail of what when on when she found him snooping and their chat (and what came after!), especially with the issues they had between them. I will take what I can get though! Anyways, I'm glad I read this book. Oh and the sex scenes? Scorching, yet tasteful and not over the top. I will miss Grace and Ren (and Sam! How adorable was he!!)