Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart Not many books, especially of this genre, tackle the emotional issues the heroine dealt with. (I will try not to be too spoilery here but I will discuss her 'issue'. So...if you don't want to read about it, stop here!!!)

I know some reviewers didn't like the way she talked about her "issue" over and over again with Cole, but..as someone who struggled with (and still does to some degree) a similar issue...I think the way the heroine dealt with it was perfect. Eating disorders are not easy to talk about, for those who suffer from them or for the average person. For some reason people are okay talking about drug addiction and alcoholism, but anything involving food is all hushed up and the people suffering from them (whether it's anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, food addiction etc) are forced to suffer in silence. So, yeah, it was nice to see this brought out into the light. And I could so relate to the bbq scene. It can be absolute torture to go to gatherings where food is a focal point...people just don't get it and people are shoving food in your face every two seconds. Anyways....my point is, this is a real problem-people struggle with it everyday-and I just can't be more proud of the author for including it in her book. *throws confetti and passed around some sugar free yogurt!!*

So on that note, kudos to the author for creating a strong female character who didn't shy away from her problems and explained them, sometimes repeatedly, but effectively. And as for Cole, what a freakin' awesome hero. Sure he had his issues too, and he was a jerk on a few occasions, but the way he felt for Christy and the way he respected her boundaries because of her issues (food wise), even when he didn't fully understand them, showed he was a great guy. Between that and making her really see she was beautiful and that to him, she was the most beautiful woman ever....oh christ I'm starting to cry again just writing this! *grabs tissues before crying...again!*