Lacybourne Manor  - Kristen Ashley Kristen Ashley has done it again. This book was really good and Colin...seriously, I need to stand out in a storm and maybe I'll just happen to find me a Colin! (Though with my luck I'd likely get struck by lightening. Maybe I will re-think this plan). Sure, he was a jerk at first, and I admit to being just as conflicted about him as Sibyl was, but like her, I was falling in love with him along with her. He was amazing and sweet, and of course, a protective Alpha who took care of his woman, while also accepting her for all of her quirks. (I wonder if has a drop down box for "looking for hot, bad ass, alpha male who wants a woman with curves AND a feisty attitude. British accent not required, but would be considered a bonus". If they don't, they should make such a category!)

Okay, back to the review. I also found the lore, that of Royce and Beatrice, well written. It was well thought out and didn't leave me scratching my head. I had an inkling of who it was at one point, but then there was a twist and I changed my mind, and THEN I found out who it was and I was like O_O!! I love it when an author keeps my guessing and KA certainly did!

As I've stated before, I was wary about this series (in general) because I had such a fill of stories about ghosts and other paranormal beings given how saturated the market is right now. But I am so glad I gave in and gave the first I try. Now I can't get enough. I am completely won over. And I think part of this has to due with the fact that Kristen Ashley doesn't go for cliches or overdo it with that aspect of the story. The books in this series aren't just about the ghosts or the reincarnations and the lore. They are still about the hero and heroine and the journey that they have to take (and the trials and tribulations they have to go through) to find their other half. The lore (whether it be ghosts or reincarnated lovers) is a well written, well thought out bonus. Thanks again to Kristen Ashley for writing another book that makes my heart sing and puts a smile on my face!!