Until the Sun Falls from the Sky  - Kristen Ashley This is the lowest I have EVER marked a KA book (I think) and I feel awful. Overall the book was more than Okay and less than good. I liked it, but I didn't. It was a struggle.

Let me start by saying that I had put off reading this for awhile for a few reasons. One, vampires aren't really my thing. Not that I don't think they can be hot and sexy and wicked alpha, it's just I think I overdosed on vamps a year or so ago. Also, I wasn't sure how I felt about the book when I skimmed the reviews. But I knew that Book 2 was coming out this month, and Sonia and Callum sound awesome, so...I knew I had to read this.

First, let me start with what I liked:

Lucien-yes he is a jerk sometimes. And way bossy. But, he is an 800+ year old vampire, so I cut him some slack. Also, I could see throughout that he did love Leah, even if he couldn't admit that to himself for most of the book. He is also super hot. He can feed from me anytime he wants as long as I get a mind blowing orgasm to go with it.

The world building: Sure it was complicated, but it was good. I loved the fresh take on the PNR aspect and this is why I trudged through the book to get to the end. I wanted to hear about Callum, and Sonia. (I can't wait until November 23rd.) Be patient with the world building though-it can get confusing. This often happens in books of this kind, so just give it time.

Edwina, Stephanie, Cosmo and a few other of the secondary characters. I loved when Leah, Edwina and Stephanie got drunk and had a fashion parade.

The phrase "Until the sun falls from the sky". I swear to god if I ever get married that is going to be the theme of my wedding!

What I didn't like:

Leah-I really disliked her for most of the book. It wasn't until the end that I decided I liked her and even then it was only a little bit. Like others have mentioned, she acted way too immature for her age. Sure, 40 is young when you're with an 822 year old vamp, but she was a human adult...could she not act her age? She whined, she was petulant at times, and seemed to pout way too much. When she was 'pretending' to be his good concubine and being all subservient...it came off wrong. All I could see was her acting like a witch with a capital B. And ugh, do not get me started on how she had to lock up all of his good traits in a vault and remind herself why she didn't Lucien. I was sick of that after the second or third time she did. Oh and really, expelled from her classes?! If I was Lucien I would have just offed her for failing to grow the hell up. If she had paid attention in the classes to begin with, she wouldn't have been IN her situation. Hello?! Lucien even noted at one point if she'd taken the classes she would have noticed the change he made to the contract. She could have gone INTO the situation empowered by the knowledge learned from those classes. But nooooo, she acted like a immature 12 year old and got expelled.

Lack of communication-Normally this doesn't bother me. After all, this is a common conflict in books, so I'm used to it. But in here, it was too much. And why in hell's bells did she listen to his douche of a father? I mean, seriously?! And then she thinks, after all that happened, he is going to kill her? *rolls eyes*

Some of the above, which I did not like, would have been okay if Leah wasn't supposed to be a 40 year old woman with a brain. If she had been 30 even, I could probably give her a bit more slack. In her twenties, I could definitely give her more slack. But at 40? No. Yes, she was strong (at times), and tried to make the best of the situation she was in. And I can see why some liked Leah, she did have good qualities. But I just couldn't get past a lot of her immaturity.

The reviews seem to indicate that this is a book people either love, or don't. So seriously, give it a try. You may be able to get past the things I disliked and fall in love with it. And don't get me wrong, I did like the book, kind of. I just didn't LOVE it to pieces like most KA books. So this won't ever get a re-read (I've read some of her books a half a dozen times) but I will definitely continue with the series.