Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I don't know where to begin really with this book since so many people out there are either in the love it or despise it camp, but I will give it my best shot. I thought overall,it's a good story with well developed characters. I had heard a lot about the parallels to Twilight, but seriously, I don't see it all that much. Ana is way stronger and more independent, as well as less whiny, than Bella. And don't kill me Twilight fans, cause I didn't hate those books like some do. I just like my vampires in the style of Eric from True Blood, than Edward from Twilight. So Ana had self esteem and self confidence issues--tell me one woman who hasn't!? I definitely could relate to her insecurities in many ways and didn't find that they made her weak at all, just more human.

As for the BDSM *gasp* aspect of the book, I thought that was nicely done. When my sister asked if I read it, she was all whispery and a bit in shock about the content of the book, so I was expecting to walk away with my mind blown by the BDSM. I wasn't. I thought the BDSM scenes were pretty tame actually. Especially since Ana actually exercised a lot of the control in the relationship which is not usual for a submissive. Throughout the book she fought many of Christian's many 'needs', giving in here and there for the 'kinky fu*%ery' but drawing her lines in the sand at certain things. (And kinky fu*%ery is I think one of my favorite new sayings, LOL). Ana even kept pushing for "more" from Christian on an emotional level. If I remember correctly Christian even noted that Ana wasn't a submissive (and she agreed) at one point. The two had kinky sex, and he wanted to protect her/care for her, so what? That is not at all shocking.

And by the way, what is so wrong with what Christian wanted to offer her, in terms of protecting and caring for her? She wasn't giving up her independence, nor did she just lay back and enjoy all the money and material things Christian could give her. (Though if a billionaire offered me that option, hell yeah I'd take it). Just because he was protective and wanted control doesn't make him a misogynist, or a jerk, or whatever all the anti-50 Shades people are screaming about. Some women want a guy to take care of them, not because they are weak or something is wrong with them, but because they just do. It's not my thing but ya know what, who am I to knock someone's choice of lifestyle. Christian didn't beat Ana black and blue he just had his kinks, and she was a consenting adult. People need to relax a little and just enjoy it for what it is: a story!

Okay rant over. For now. I might continue it on my blog later this week, but I don't know. Ranting is exhausting. Anyways, bottom line is, in my opinion it's a sexy book that at times had me laughing out loud from the humor. My recommendation is, if you like sexy books and a super hot and smoldering male hero, read it, enjoy it (or not), and move on to the next book in your 'to be read' pile. (Or book 2, which is what I am reading now!)