Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning I have had this book on my Nook forever and I don't know but I hadn't gotten around to it. I also have book 1 and 2 of Moning's Fever series which I have to read. (I may have read book 1 but I can't remember for sure. Either way I need to get on that after the Highlander series). Anyways, back to Beyond the Highland Mist.

I was hesitant when I picked this up. Especially about the whole 'time travel' aspect of it. I mean, could I suspend my own reality and get into that?

Oh hell yes I could. First, Hawk. Seriously awesome, hot, alpha hero with a heart. He is so in my top 5. And Grimm too (though I did get mad at him at one point. He made up for it in the end.) And the fact that a VERY famous character from one of my fave Shakespeare plays is in this (You naughty naughty whatever you are!), added to my giddiness. Most important, Moning did an excellent job with the lore behind the fae and also interweaving Rom culture and Scottish culture and adding those Shakespearean bits before each section. (I am such a book nerd it's embarrassing but hello, I majored in English and read that stuff for fun. So what can I say, I'm going to be proud of my nerdiness!) All in all the book came together in a surprisingly well written story which had me up late to finish it!

Adrienne did grate on my nerves a little (about halfway through). She kept acting worried that Hawk wouldn't accept her because of her past but she was fine branding him for his. This was hypocritical. I also wish the two (she and Hawk) had a conversation about their pasts to clear the air. But, we can't have it all and the two made up for that missing part in the end. (Can I just say I loved the part where Hawk read from the scroll...all the definitions and ensuring there wasn't a loophole. Totally was laughing out loud.)

Bottom line is, I loved it. If you have not checked out this series, or anything by Moning, seriously, get on that. She creates a fantastic world and great characters. Now, on to book 2!