It Had to Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This book kept popping up on my recommendations and so, since it was only 99 cents, I decided to give it a try. Now, first, understand that this book is not new. It was originally published in 1994 so there there are no cell phones (though there is a mention of a car phone and what the hero said about it that made me laugh) and computers are not what they are today. However, even with this little trip back in time as far as the technology goes (or lack thereof) I really, really liked it.

The hero, Dan, was brash and could be such a jerk (at least in the beginning) and there was one scene that I literally almost died while reading. I was like "omg this is not happening! That is illegal, immoral and ALL kinds of WRONG! It's WRONG! NO DAN NO! STOPPPPPPP!" (and it's not cheating.) I won't give it away, but trust me when you get there(it's in the beginning, just after 1st meeting Dan) do not give up on the book. Do not make the same judgment I did. It will be explained and what happens is in fact not illegal. But holy hell, the author had me there for a minute with not knowing whether to scream or cry.

As for the heroine, in the beginning I did NOT like her. Not at ALL. Phoebe was a brat. She was such a snob! But then...then the author did something awesome. She showed us WHY Phoebe was like that, and then I got it. Phoebe WASN'T like that at all. The author effectively took the reader on the same journey as Dan was on. First impressions gave the reader and Dan a picture that was wrong...and I went on the journey with him as he discovered all of the awesomeness that was Phoebe. By the end, I loved her. Maybe not as much as Dan, since well, hello he's a guy. But she definitely was one of those women I have on my Book BFF list now. Love her!

The romance was hot, steamy and not cheesy (which I was concerned about given this was from 1994). I have found a new author and I cannot wait to read the second in the series!