Lawful Escort - Tina Folsom 3.5 stars. A very entertaining and super sexy read and it was a couple of hours well spent.

Did I mention there were hot and steamy scenes a plenty? I think I did, but ya know, that's important to note.

Of course this is a romance novel (180 pages or so on my tablet if I remember correctly) so thing moves along quickly but it isn't forced. Time moves forward at a decent pace and the two get to know each other. Sure it's first under this 'deception' but still it worked for the story. Oh and the twist the author included?! That was an "ohmigod" moment! I really thought this was just your normal "friend filling in her for her best friend's escort job for a night" story. But nope, there is a mega twist and what I had assumed gets turned on its head. That alone I think was worth the read.

Sabrina was a bit wishy washy at times. She refused Daniel's money and acted like things were more than just the 'game' between them, but yet, when he told her how he felt, she still flipped and was cold. Sure, he should have come clean sooner, but at the tsame time, he was giving her exactly what she wanted. It made sense he wanted to be sure she was in it for the long haul. And sorry, but after totally consenting to unprotected sex when you're on the pill, and saying that you love the thought of having something to remember him by when he leaves, well it just didn't jive with her alleged indignation at his deception. I mean, IU wanted to smack her since she was effectively lying to him too! It's like: Duh, Sabrina! Get a clue! And then she said what she did and I thought, "oh hell no is Daniel ever going to want her back." Thankfully I was wrong. (And that isn't a spoiler since this is a romance novel and that means right there that the book will have a HEA or HFN). Still though, someday I'll find a heroins who stands up to AND for her man, and doesn't have to be the one talked around. Wouldn't that be a switch!?! The woman trying to convince the guy?!

I think my favorite part was when Daniel went all ninja on someone who really deserved it. I almost cheered cause, just, ew! That guy was a creep.

Anywho, it really is an engaging read and was a good way to spend a couple hours on a Saturday. Tina Folsom also wrote the Scanguard's Vampire series, which is so fun and full of steam. (I had given up PNR books for awhile, but it was the first in the Scansguard series that brought me back to this genre after a long break.) I am so glad to see that she can write contemporary romance just as well. Can't wait to read more from her!

*This book was a self-purchase and I was not in any way compensated for, or even asked, to review this book. All opinions are my own*