Don't Bite the Bridesmaid - Tiffany Allee I am waffling between three and four stars here. I can't decide where it fits on the scale really because this was different than what I usually read. But I liked it, I did. So for now I will give it a 3, though some parts definitely hit the 4 mark. Whatever the number is, just know that this book, in my opinion, was the perfect mix of humor, sweet, sexy & paranormal. I don't want to give away too much here regarding the plot but I loved the premise-a vampire and his neighbor, a woman he's lusted after for awhile but kept away from, stuck on a cruise ship. And sharing a room. The plot and the mythology of the vampires were fun and I liked the author's spin on vampire lore. Oh, and I don't think I will ever look at lasagna the same again. Just sayin.

The only quibbles I had with the book were that (1) the back story of Olivia and the heroine's brother seemed a bit rushed and came out of the blue. If I knew what Alice and her sister knew, I would not be all calm, cool and collected. Also, I had to go back and re-read that part a few times and was left with questions. (Though, this may have been the point and it was just my impatient & greedy brain wanting to know more. So this might not be an issue for most). And (2) I felt at times I was too much in the head of the characters. This again may be a personal preference of mine but I prefer to see the action, even if it's just in dialogue, as opposed to being inside the thoughts of the characters. Other than that, the writing was tight and I didn't encounter any errors.

One thing I loved (other than super sexy Noah *swoons*) was that it didn't take Alice forever to realize how she messed up. I don't mind angst. In fact, I like it. But what I don't enjoy is long, drawn, out, over done angst. Thankfully, the author did not do this and the resolution was nicely done.

Also, I loved the glimpses we got of Charles and Alex. I really really really hope Alex gets an HEA. Charles too, but Alex seems like he needs a hug-or a thousand. *raises hand to volunteer* I will be checking out more from this author (and this series, hopefully!) in the future.

*I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*