Weekends Required - Sydney Landon Just finished this today in my quest to finish alllllll the books I have yet to read on my Nook before I buy anymore. This will be a struggle since I love to buy books and when I see one I want to read, hitting the darn "buy" button is all too easy.

Weekends Required was good. I liked it. It was more than okay and less than "really liked", so it's three stars, which in my opinion means better than good. I did however have a few problems with the characters. One, it seemed to be hammered into me that Claire wasn't a ho, that all she did was jump out of a cake. Well okay, fine but I don't need to be told that a hundred and fifty times. Cause I wouldn't pass judgment on the woman if she did more than jump out of cake. Times are tough, Claire needed money for her mom, and I wouldn't have thought less of her had she done something so shocking as dance around in her undies. And I say that sarcastically since it wouldn't have been shocking, to me. Times are tough after all and people do what they have to get by. As for Jason, I liked him, but I thought he gave in too easily when Claire found out he tried to help her. She was being a whiny, ungrateful witch and seriously, anyone with half a brain could see that he wasn't like her dad. There is a big difference between helping someone and controlling them, and one thing that disturbs me is when a character can't tell the difference. So when she flipped out (especially over the Billy issue-I'd have freakin sent him a box of chocolates for doing what he did!), he should have given it right back to her, and not let her be a bitch and walk away. (This could be just me, cause I like my guys Alpha with a capital A. Hell I like 'em with a capital A.L.P.H.A.)

Despite these issues I had with the characters (which were my own and not the fault of the author or her characterization. What I don't like about the two, some might prefer) I did like the book. I will be getting the second one (when I finish all the rest I have to read( because I want to find out what happens with Gray.