Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha I am waffling with whether to give this 3 or 4 stars. I liked this book. In fact I really liked this book since it combined some of my fave genres-dystopian, romance with more than a lot of hot and sexy thrown in. So why can't I decide? well let me explain. (Note: there may be a few minor spoilers in this review, though I try to keep them to a minimum, and keep them minor, if there are. Just a warning!)

First, the world building is great. The first book in any series can always falter by giving too much or too little information, either leaving the reader confused or bogged down in too many details. In this case, it was, as Goldilocks would say, just right. There was enough information to get a handle on the new world but not too much that it took away from the characters. I am sure we will find out more info in later book in the series and this is good. Cause what I've learned so far has left me wanting more.

Second, the characters are well developed. Kind of. I loved Dallas and Lex. And Amira and Flash. I wish there was a bit more about the latter but I got enough to see how Amira is the grounded one of the group. (Which explains why Noelle sought her out to talk to her). And like I said, I loved Dallas and Lex, though Lex, by the end was getting on my nerves. Everyone knew what she wanted but I felt she was being stubborn and difficult just to be stubborn and difficult. Maybe if I had more background I could make sense of it. But perhaps that will come in book 2, Beyond Control.

Rachel--she is probably my favorite of the characters (other than Jas) and she was, in book 1, a minor character. I hope to hell she gets her own book with Ace, cause, well. Read it, you'll get why.

Jasper-hot, patient, but seriously at one point I wanted to slap him upside the head. And Dallas too, for what he did. Thankfully he fixes it. Could have used a bit more background on him, especially when he makes the dumb mistake he does. I understand why he did it, but knowing more about his past might have made me a bit less pissed off at him.

Noelle (and Noelle and Jasper): I have no issue whatsoever with Noelle falling for Jasper as fast as she did. The way he looks, acts and just *IS*, I would too and I would do so probably more so than she did. And I get it too, that in being found by Jas, she decides to become one of the O'Kane gang, making them her family, etc. etc. One thing I did not get was her sexual appetite. I get its new to her, given where she was living before, but her feelings for Lex left me feeling icky. Let me further explain.

The fact Lex is a woman didn't bother me at all. What got under my skin with Noelle was that her feelings for Lex seemed to cross over to romantic love, and that made me feel like she was cheating on Jasper. (Not to mention, I like Dallas and wanted him and Lex together. Lex' interest in Noelle seemed to complicate that which annoyed me). I know she never was with Lex, or Lex and Dallas, without Jas there (or within reach), and I get Jas is into menage (or more), and since he was cool with what Noelle was doing, I was too. But even when couples do that I still I wanted her whole heart (and emotions) with Jasper. Like the scene with Ace. Where she was doing it for Jas and her, more than for anything having to do with Ace. But the scenes with Lex didn't feel like that. Seeing more of Jas' dom side and Noelle's sub (alone in the bedroom) would have done the trick I think. And I say this because, the scenes where it is just them have much more emotional impact and showed (or started to) why Noelle and Jas were meant to be together. The menage/group scenes (other than the one with Ace) lessened that.

The above, of course, are just my opinions. And I admit, I'm a bit picky about things. However, even with these issues, I still give this 4 stars. One, because I did like it (and loved Jas, Ace, Dallas, Bren, Flash, Rachel...I could go on). Two, because I will be buying the second book in the series when it comes out (early 2013 I think!). And three, because I hope to hell and back that eventually we will get a book about Rachel and Ace (And Bren and Six too please!).