On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young I had been waiting for this book for a long time. In one of the groups I'm in on GR everyone kept saying how great it was and I wanted it desperately, but was waiting for it to come out on Nook.

It became available. I snapped it up and yesterday, I finished it.

I went to bed last night and Braden (love that name!) was on my mind big time. He was so beautiful (in body and heart) and he knew what he wanted. And of course he was the ultimate alpha male, and so hot in bed. But most important he was oh so patient with Joss. I mean seriously, there were times I wanted to throttle that girl. I know she had problems, and I was so glad to see that she was working through them. Often times this is overlooked in books of this sort. Instead of seeking professional help the heroine is 'fixed' by the romance. Not so in this case, though the romance helped. So while there were times that, yeah, I wanted to scream at her for being so daft, there were more times that times that I wanted to hug her and tell her it would all be okay.

On a personal note, this book got under my skin in a surprising way. It took longer than normal for me to read it because of this. (Usually I can read a book in a day, but this took longer.) It wasn't because of the length, but because of the emotional growth Joss was going through. Many people close themselves off after a loss, too afraid of further loss to risk close relationships. It sometimes seems easier to avoid difficult issues than confront them head on. Burying things deep means no confrontation. No confrontation means everything seems fine, when in fact it isn't. I know this because I do it, too often. Like Joss, I'm a work in progress; at least I hope I am.

In the end of course, avoidance of issues never works. And in this book, Samantha Young does a fantastic job having Joss grow into a more emotionally mature young woman. It wasn't rushed. Joss tried to deny what was happening, but with her therapist's help and with Braden fighting for her (and for THEM) despite all the obstacles thrown in his way, Joss began to heal. And even though the way he did it (towards the end) scared the hell out of me (the part where Braden tells her something and she gets that feeling, where she mentions that she now knows what it must feel like to be shot in the gut? That is the part I am talking about. I stopped breathing!) it was all worth it.