Addicted to You - Bethany Kane Rill, Rill, Rill. How much do I love thee?

A whole helluva lot, let me tell you.

This book surprised me. I went in to it thinking it would be good (since it's Bethany Kane, aka Beth Kery after all), but I didn't think it would be THIS good.

I will never be a doubter again. Lesson learned.

Why did I like this book so much? That's an easy answer: the story. The character development. The pacing. Oh hell, all of it!

But seriously, character development is important and the author does an excellent job giving us the backgrounds of the characters and why they are acting the way they are. Especially with RIll. He is a seriously broken man in the beginning, in emotional turmoil from the death of his wife (and something else related to this but I won't give away what).

Katie comes to get him out of his rut and...well...just read it. I was floored at the way it opened. Didn't see THAT coming at all. And can I just say, that I LOVED how Katie knew what she wanted and she WENT for it. There was no waffling (okay maybe a little but she still KNEW what she wanted). I loved that. So many times heroines fight it, or waffle over their decisions, going back and forth, and ugh, it makes me dizzy after awhile. But not Katie. She was determined. And I loved her for that. Rill broke my heart many times at how he thought there was something wrong with him, his struggle with what he wanted (and what he needed). I'm so happy that Katie was able to help him through that (and give him what he needed.)

Lastly, there is a bit of suspense going on, but I liked how the author didn't focus on that. It was an exciting side story and had just the right amount of it intertwined with the rest of the story.

Now I'm off to read some more of Beth Kery's books. Cause did I mention this is steamy too?! Oh yeah, it is. Seriously.freaking.STEAMY. Like, fanning myself steamy. A swing people. A. Swing. I will never look at one of those the same again. You will have to read it to find out what I mean ;)