Bound to Please - Lilli Feisty I really wish GR had half, and three quarters stars. This is a solid 3.75 for me so I rounded up. I liked it, and loved the hero (holy swoon!) and will read more books by this author. It was well written, sexy and fun, with a decent amount of angst to keep things interesting but not bog the book down. I read it in a night cause seriously, I had to see how it would end and am glad I did!

The heroine was sweet and funny and I did like her. However, there were a few times she got on my nerves with some of the back and forth and self-doubt she displayed at times. Now, I call this an issue however, I understand that this was just her, and some people might not care or be bothered by it. And just because it got under my skin doesn't mean I didn't like Ruby--I can understand why she was like that. It was just her personality. Who am I to quibble with the author's muse? And as a writer I get it. My characters can sometimes waffle in their decisions as I write them-I try to reign them in, but sometimes, well it's just not possible. Perhaps this was the case with Ruby. Perhaps not. Either way, I understood her reasoning for the back and forth, it under my skin. (This is not specific to this heroine. When any character does this I tend to get annoyed. I think I'm impatient in this sense. Which, ironically, makes me a bit like Ruby in that regard!)

The only other issue I had was towards the end, Ruby does something (or decides to explore something) with Mark, which is fine (I am all for exploring! LOL) but it just didn't seem to jive with who she had been throughout the rest of the book. I liked the dynamic between Ruby and Mark before they did what they did(and I'm being vague so as to not spoil it). It kind of felt like it was just tossed in there last minute and I would have liked it better if they kept their dynamic the way it had been. Though again, I still liked them both. Especially Mark. Did I mention that already? I might have, but seriously, I really liked him. He was hot.

Bottom line: good, fun, sexy book that kept me engaged (and a bit warm!) while it snowed like cray-cray outside.