Worth the Scandal - Karen Erickson This should get a solid 3.5 but GR doesn't have half stars... *glares* Anyways, the book was good. I wasn't too crazy about the heroine (she annoyed me at times, especially when they came back from the trip and she acted all insecure and uncertain about their relationship.) And I also didn't agree with her decision about not telling Alex something that was super important. Angry at him or not, she should have told him. But given her character and who she was as a person (young, naive, not too confident, shy), I get it. Just don't agree with her decisions. Also, there were a few TSTL moments that made me want to wring her neck. But, even though she drove me kinda crazy, I will be reading more of this series. I can't wait to read about Hunter and Rhett!