Maid for the Billionaire (Legacy Collection, #1) - Ruth Cardello So this is one of those books I've had on my kindle for awhile. I finally read it. It was a somewhat quick read and I really the hero (total alpha) though at one point he was a jerk and I wanted to punch him in the throat. This was okay though b/c it led to Dominic's epiphany and well, it had to happen somehow. Overall I am waffling between 2.5 and 3 stars so I rounded up since GR doesn't give me the ability to be more specific.

One thing that bugged me was how everything went down in China. I did not understand why Abby didn't tell Dominic. And then she walked into the meeting and instead of going to Dom, she went to the minister guy. I mean, wth?! That pissed me off. And if I was Dominic I would have never forgiven her for that. (And Zhang? And the planes/paratroopers? Well that came out of nowhere. I mean Dom was pissed but at no point did he ever indicate he would hurt Abby.) That whole thing was just a bit over dramatized for me.

Despite this I did enjoy the author's voice and writing style so I will be checking out more of her books (Once I get through the mega-piles on my kindle and nook. Gah!)