Red - Kate SeRine I cannot even begin to explain the glee I felt after reading this book. I've stayed away from UF for awhile now because it seemed that authors were shying away from the heroine having any sort of vulnerabilities and romance in her life. (Other than Patricia Briggs, that is.) So I am so glad to have found this author who created a kick butt heroine who can be vulnerable and want her own happily ever after with her guy. We need more books (and authors) like this, who can show strong women who have a soft side too.

And the Tales themselves, the world the author created: well let me just say there were times my jaw dropped at the "revelations" of our beloved characters and what they're doing in the "here and now". It cracked me up at times, while at other times made me re-think the fairy tales themselves and want to pummel something. (I'm thinking of the revelations about Cinderella "Cindy" Charming and her husband "James" Charming. Oh, I don't like him much!)

I can't wait to delve further into this world with the second book. For more on my review, check out my blog, here: