Lucky Stars - Kristen Ashley After reading this book (and reading all the books in this series so far), all I have to say is, I am moving to England.

Holy freaking heck this book was great!

I know that some people couldn't "get" Belle, becauyse of her shyness, but I loved her. It fit who she was and there are women out there like her (me included, well sometimes. Not everyone can throw sass and attitude around all the time after all!). And even though she was shy, she wasn't weak. She was strong and even after suffering the loss she and James suffered, she found the strength to deal with the mystery surrounding The Point. Also, I just have to say that I never saw the reformation of Miles. I HATED him, but then, the twist! OMG the TWIST!!! Kristen Ashley how do you THINK of these things!

And Lachlan! *swoons* What a freaking cliffhanger ending for him! What happened?! Where did *she* go? What happened to her and why was the house in disarray?! I am so hoping that KA writes Lach's story! *fingers crossed*

Now, I'm going to get my passport. And check my bank account. Cause England, here I come...