Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan Where do I begin with this book? I just finished. Literally just put it down. I am still processing, but I need to get down my first impressions before my head explodes.

Wow. Holy.F-ing.WOW. I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to laugh. I want to clap and dance like a damn fool.

God I love Deuce. What a JERK! And Eva. She rocked but could be a total flipping witch (err, well, rhymes with this word anyways!)!!

Eva and Deuce went through hell to get where they did. But it wouldn't have been Eva and Deuce if it happened any other way.

This book is hard. It is not fluffy. It is not light. It is dark. It is violent. It is aggressive. It is raw. And it scared the pants off of me at times because of the sick, crazy twisted crap that went down. I was glaring at Eva at times for her stupidity. I was yelling at Deuce's idiocy on more than one occasion. Then I was cheering them both on. And then I was wishing pain on Frankie. And then on Chase. And then again on Frankie. And then there were the times I teared up and wanted to curl up in the fetal position.

My heart hurt as I read this book. Or maybe I'm just sensitive. But sensitive or not, I wouldn't have changed it for the freaking world. It was an emotional roller-coaster and the ride was full of whiplash, pain and fear.

But interwoven into that world of darkness and violence, was love.

That love grew in a place that nothing good should ever grow in. But despite the lack of light, Eva and Deuce made it grow and no matter how rough the road, these two found their end.

As for the writing, it was tight. It was good. And it kept me glued to my mother freaking seat. I do want to say that some reviewers are comparing this to Kristen Ashley's books. I love Kristen Ashley to pieces and have read almost ALL of her books. So let me be clear: This is not a Kristen Ashley book. The comparison, I feel, is unfair to both authors. Their styles and their stories are different. Yes, both women are amazing. Both women are brilliant writers. And both deserve all the frakin accolades in the world for the writing that they do. But this book is not comparable to Kristen Ashley's Motorcycle Man other than there are bikers in it. Other than that--completely and utterly different. So whatever you do, DO NOT go into this book thinking this is similar to KA. It is SO NOT.

read this book and read it with an open mind. Let go of your expectations when you read this. Give it a chance. And you will likely fall in love with Eva and Deuce in their fraked up glory just as much as I did.