Penmort Castle  - Kristen Ashley I really wasn't interested in reading a ghost story. I've so much disappointment with recent PNR books no matter whether it's angels, demons, zombies, vamps, wolves, shifters, etc, that I was worried. I didn't want to hate it. But after reading a review on a blog I follow I decided to give it a go.

So freaking glad I did. The ghost part of it wasn't overwhelming or forced. It was more a side element which added to the story that was Cash and Abby. And I loved it.

Cash is seriously now in my top 5 fave KA Alpha Males, right after Joe from At Peace. He was, in a word, amazing. And patient. And Abby was written realistically, struggling with finding a man to love after her beloved husband passed away a few years prior. Her pain and emotion felt authentic to me. And her neighbor? And Angus? Those two cracked me the heck up! (Is it wrong that I am wishing for a story about Suzanne, Honor and Fenella. Especially Suzanne and who she is hinted with being interested in at the end! That would be an awesome spin off series and we'd get to see Cash and Abby again!)

The only character I didn't like was Jenny. Really, she was too much. And if I was Abby, whether Jenny's actions were well intentioned or not, I'd have given her a good talking to. Even at the end. If she was going to do what she did (and I won't say it here for those who didn't read it) she should have asked ABBY before her and Kieran made that decision. To me it was thoughtless, not only to Cash, but to Abby too.

Not liking Jenny isn't a gripe though that would effect my writing. She fit into the story. I personally just wanted to punch her in the face on more than one occasion.