Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod!!! I love love love LOVE Chase, and Faye is fracking amazing. (If you've read the book you will know why this word is important.) Faye was just..awesome. Sweet, smart, and as Chase noted, she had backbone, and really gave it to Chase when she needed to. I also loved how she used Lexie, Lauren, Krystal, Wendy and even Twyla as sounding boards as the relationship progressed.

Gotta say, loved it that Faye was a geek too-felt a sisterhood there and found myself going all "right on!" when she was on her rants. Loved the Darth Vader one and the fact that Chase sat down to watch Supernatural with her, how fracking adorable! Anyways, its good, and I'd like to give it about 50 thousand stars but can't. And just a note, you don't have to read the earlier books in the series (I think KA does a great job breaking down what happened in Lady Luck) but, you should anyways. It gives you an idea of the community the characters are living in. I'm going back to re-read the series once more starting tonight, cause I just love it the characters KA presented.

(Side note: I thought I loved Sadie the most of all the heroines, who is in Rock Chic #7, because of the references to Veronica Mars which is the BEST series ever. Well, it's actually tied with the Wire and Firefly in my opinion. But Faye has surpassed that. KA is seriously awesome...just sayin')