Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll - Mia Dymond I was waffling between 3 and 4 stars. If I could I'd probably give it 3.75. But since I liked it enough to want to read the second book in the series, I upped it to 4. EDIT: And just an fyi for those with Nooks, the books (of which there are 4 in the series) are 1.99 each at Barnes and Noble (least they are today). I love a good book deal!!*

I won't give a synopsis, just make some general comments about what I liked and what didn't. First, I loved Hawke. OMG. Hot doesn't begin describe it. I also liked the heroine, Rachel. She was cautious but not as wishy washy as some heroines are (and wishy washy annoys me to no end!). The intimate scenes between them were very well done and not over the top. In fact, I liked that it was a slow build instead of the two just ripping each others clothes off the first time they met. And Cameron? She was so funny; her and Max had me cracking up whenever they were speaking to each other, or about each other.

I had to suspend reality while reading this, but I didn't mind. In fact, let me say that with most books I have to suspend reality. Why? Because it's fiction and things happen in books (and TV/movies) that cannot happen in real life, and so I don't expect books to mirror real life. That's why I like reading-I can live in a parallel universe where things that couldn't happen in the real world can in fact happen. (Like happily ever afters-I don't believe in them in the real world, but I love 'em in a good book!) So if the premise seems a bit, unbelievable, just go with it. I think it's worth it in the end.

The author does a great job in balancing internal and external dialogue, which to me as both a reader and writer is important. Often, especially of late, I read a book and it is either too heavy on the internal dialogue (too much tell, not even show); or it's too heavy on the external dialogue (too much show, not even tell). It's important to balance the two, especially when writing in 3rd person. (Writing in 1st person brings whole 'nother set of issues I won't get into here). This author does a great job meeting that balance. Can't wait to read the next book in the series!