Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley So this was, just, good. It wasn't Rock Chic great, or Mystery Man amazing. It was just, good. Why? I just could not get into the characters-there wasn't much to love there, or feel strongly about. It was well written, and the story had potential, but there was something missing and...I felt like I'd read it before. Rich guy, poor, prideful girl-they meet, fall for each other and in this case, lots of awesome sex and sweetness occurs. The sex was, in fact, written well. As was the sweet. But the plot was lacking something. And no, it wasn't that Knight was kinda a shady guy (in terms of his career etc) that bothered me-in fact I kinda liked him despite that, but I needed more background or something, on him and all the rest of the characters. I just didn't care about these characters as much as I did the others in her Rock Chic and Dream Man series. I will still keep reading the series though, cause well, I'm a frickin Kristen Ashley addict and holy hell some of her scenes were hot! So yeah, final verdict: good, not great.