The Golden Dynasty  - Kristen Ashley I am not going to say much about this book other than it wasn't like I expected. I knew the land in which the heroine would be thrust into would be brutal, but I have to say, I was shocked as hell at just HOW brutal.

Just like the first in the Fantasyland series, I had to keep reminding myself that this is a parallel universe. A different world with different rules and different versions of right and wrong. But there were parts I could not get past. The one in the beginning, the claiming. I got how the heroine dealt with it, and did what she had to in order to survive and she moved past it. But, I hoped to all heck that, by the end of the book, some of those things changed. I guess I was hoping that she somehow would convince them of their barbaric nature and stop it. And part of me hopes, in my make believe world where the book doesn't end but continues on in some way, I have to hope that Circe eventually changes the ways of her people. Cause if I don't think like that, I might have to decide I did not like this book and give it way less stars. Like one.

As for the hero, a lot of people apparently liked him a lot. I did not. Sure, Lahn was hot. But he was also a jack ass. Way more so than usual alphas can be. And I know, I have to take into account this is a different world and that Lahn's kingdom has been this way for a long time, and even if it's misogynistic, I had to get over that and move on; but I still had moments where I really didn't like him or his people. In fact, there were parts I wished someone stabbed him. Preferably Circe. He had his sweet moments, and I believe that he was remorseful for what he did and his lack of trust in his Circe, but still...I just...I don't know. Lahn was way better than Dortak though, so I guess that's saying something.

Lastly, as I read this book, the world reminded me very much of World of Warcraft. In fact, I mentioned this in my review of Wildest Dreams, the first in this series. I felt like Lahn and his people were the Horde, living in the Barrens. It was that world that I envisioned in my head as I read this book. And since, when I played WoW, I was a staunch supporter of the Alliance (my human rogue could kick ass people. Just sayin' :D), I had issues trying to like a group of people who referred to themselves as the Horde. Maybe that's why I just couldn't muster much love for Lahn and his warriors. Don't be a hater. What can I say, I'm a total geek. <3