Raid - Kristen Ashley Oh how I loved this book. I find it so hard to decide who I like best in this series. Is it Knight, Creed or Raid? Are they equal? Definitely not. What I think I've figured out though is that I love them each for different reasons. One thing they all have in common is the way that they love their women and their families so hard. They are so devoted and I think this is one of the top reasons why I love KA books in general.

Some had issues with a scene in the book where Raid acts like an a jacka$*. [Caution: spoiler ahead and it contains info from other KA books] Some have even called it abuse. I don't see it this way. I talk more about this on my blog review, but bottom line is, what occurs between Raid and Hanna in that moment is, to me, nothing worse than what some of the other heroes have done. Remember Ty when he flipped out on Lexi and was so awful and mean to her, telling her to get out in an hour? Or when Tate said what he said to Lauren? And let's not forget that Chase told Faith to 'get her fat ass out of there' or something along those lines. And do not get me started on Tack. I wanted to punch him in the throat the first time I read MM. I mean, hello...they (the heroes) all can be jacka*$es but they realize it, some apologize, but all work their butts off to make it right. Everyone says things in anger, even name calling. One fight, where the B word is said, does not equal domestic abuse.

Anyways, I'm hopping off the soapbox and back to the story. There is light D/s in it, nothing major though and I thought it was lighter than Knight and Creed. I thought the writing was well done and didn't find any major editing issues. Can't wait for her next release, Own the Wind,which is first in the Chaos series. (I probably should pre-order that soon!)

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