Virgin River  - Robyn Carr So I am reading this series for a reading challenge on Goodreads because this series keeps popping up on my recs list. I also heard really good things about it for the last year so it'a about time I finally dug in. (Note: when I bought this book, the first 4 were available on Barnes and Nobles as a set for just over 7 dollars. I thought it was a good deal, so I snapped it up and am SO glad I did.)

Anyways, back to the book. The reviews and recs were right. I was not disappointed. I finished this in an evening and when I had to put it down for a conference call I was pissed. I did NOT want to stop reading. I mean, it was just getting good!!!

Don't worry, I pulled myself together, finished the call at about 1130pm (it started at 9. Longest hour and a half of my life!) and then dove back in until I finished it. The lack of sleep was well worth it.

This book has a slow, but steamy build and really showed growth of the heroine from beginning to end. It was not some quick resolution to the issue she was escaping to Virgin River to deal with. It worked itself out as the main characters got to know each other. It wasn't insta-love; instead they built a foundation and became close friends which slowly morphed into more.

I also loved the cast of secondary characters. Jack was so good with Ricky who he took care of like a son. Preacher was freakin fantastic, and Doc...what a cute old guy! Adorable! There were others I want to mention, like her friends in the next town over and Jack's Marine Corps buddies were swoon-worthy, but I'd end up going on forever. (I cannot wait to hear about Mike. He was only in the book a tiny bit but I love me a cop hero. Just sayin!)

The element of suspense was well done and plausible. We met the baddie earlier and it made sense what happened. All I can say is that the Marines taught Jack well, thank god. The only problem I did have in the book was at a pivotal part, where Mel finds out something that knocks her for a loop, she reacts in a way I did NOT like. Not at all. I was seriously mad at Mel when she did what she did and, even though unintentional, hurt Jack. I get why it happened, and I can understand it to some degree. But still...And she...ugh!!! I wanted to throttle her! I know it was shocking and you'd been through a lot. I get, WE get it. But COME ON MEL! Get a clue! IT'S JACK!!! *sighs* I had to put the book down for a few minutes and take a breath, like Jack had to do.

And like Jack, I didn't give up on Mel. (Even though I really wanted to. That's how annoyed I was.) This feeling passed when I read her apology. I knew that it was meant to be sincere and she explained herself, so like Jack I was able to forgive her too. But I think I fell so hard for Jack I was ready to beat down the biatch on his behalf. (Sorry, but no matter how much everyone talked so highly of her husband, he didn't hold a candle to Jack. His life was his work. No matter how great he was, that always came before Mel and that is not cool. Not ever.) And, well, if you haven't guess, I'm a bit protective of my heroes. *shrugs*

The steam factor was classy, tasteful and sweet. Basically it was hot but not over the top. I cannot wait to read the second book about Preacher. I might have to dig into it tonight. Yes, that is how much I want to go back to Virgin River.