The Dom Who Loved Me - Lexi Blake This book was... surprising. Surprisingly good in fact. I've had it on my Nook for what seems like forever, but every time I went to read it, I hesitated. I wasn't sure if I could read a heroine with a 8 year age difference to the guy. Not because it isn't cool,just cause I personally have issues dating younger men so I didn't think I would connect with her. Thankfully, I did.

Sean. Holy hell. He was awesome. And given his experience and her inexperience (she'd only been with her now deceased husband in her life, so Sean was her second), it really worked. And the sex scenes were...just WOW. When he dove into the pool? I had visions in my head that would not go away. Lexi Blake definitely knows how to write a steamy scene. In addition, though, it wasn't just about sex. Grace had her self confidence issues, but Sean helped her past that and she found her strength when she found her Dom in Sean. I thought her declaration to him was a bit soon, but then I back tracked and saw that the two had been spending a lot of time together. I'll call it off screen time since we only gets bits and pieces of it (when he would come in every day, asking her out, see her at happy hour, just talk with her, dance with her, etc). So yeah, it was still soon, but the author built a strong enough connection between the two (for me) that I didn't roll my eyes or anything. I think there was only once when I did that-when Adam was being an idiot and did something so dumb Sean should have killed him for it, and he believed that Grace was into it. (And another time, when he didn't trust her. I wanted to bop him upside the head!) But no book is perfect and it added to the conflict, so it's all good, in the end.

Oh and I just have to say, at the end, the standoff with the bad guy: omg I don't think I was breathing. I really though that the book was going to end badly. Not as in "bad", I didn't like it, but bad as in, things were not going to work out. I was freaking out a little about that. Kudos to Lexi Blake for making my heart stop!

One issue I did have was sometimes the heroine would try to top from the bottom. When I read a D/s book, usually the D in the relationship does not go for this. (I'm thinking Cherise Sinclair here. And if the s does try this most books, the results will not be good.) Sean waffled at times-giving in to Grace on an occasion or two. He should have known better. Now towards the end this changed, but still, it just felt off to me and I had to agree with Ian at times-that Grace was being a brat and Sean should reign her in (in terms of their D/s relationship, not like, be an jerk about it. Just be true to the D/s aspect of their lives). But, whatever. Their relationship worked for them in the end, so I won't quibble too much about that.

I am going to buy the 2nd in this series today but I am going into that one with a bit of nerves. I did not like Adam AT ALL. He was a jerk, and like Sean, I wanted to punch the living crap out of him. I wish Jake had taken better control of him because he was being ridiculous. And even what he did at the end, for Grace, I still couldn't find much sympathy for him. He was handsy and he was going for his friend's woman. And he was blatant and obvious about it and I don't care much what he was going through. These guys were supposed to be best friends, and war buddies, and that crap should NOT have gone down. Bad Adam! (Can you tell it pissed me the hell off? LOL) So this is why I am not thrilled to go into book 2. Maybe I should just skip to 3 though with my OCD I might freak about that. I need to read series books in order. It's a MUST most of the times (and it's annoying, but I can deal). So I might have to suffer through Adam and hope to hell he gets redeemed (in my eyes) in his and Jacob's book and then move swiftly to Liam's story.

I do hope Ian gets a book eventually. Even though he was gruff and sometimes mean, I know that there has to be someone out there to melt his heart. And I really want to know about Eve and Alex. So this book was 4 Solid Stars for me! Can't wait to read more from this author (except the Adam. God I don't WANNA!!! *whines*)