The Billionaire Bad Boys Club - Emma Holly I read this a couple weeks ago and I can't decide whether this is 3 or 4 or somewhere in between. I finally decided on 3.5 or 3.75 so I am rounding it up to 4.

This was a really good book though I have to admit I liked Trey and Zane together and could have done without them needing Rebecca. I mean the beginning, when we first meet Trey and Zane and learn about their heartbreaking history, well my heart was breaking all over the place but then was put back together as they found each other.

As for Rebecca, when she came into the picture, she got on my nerves at times but I think is because I just wanted Trey and Zane to have their HEA. I just loved every second they were together, whether it was steamy or not. I mean, they were made for each other in so many ways and even though I understood why they needed and wanted Rebecca at times I thought she was a distraction to their love. By the end of the book though I did warm up to her a bit more and it was adorable to see how protective they were of Rebecca (as well as each other) and how much they cared about one another.