The Demon's Song - Kendra Leigh Castle 3.5 stars

I really enjoy stories about angels and I liked this author's take in Angels, Vamps, the Fallen, and all the other supernatural creatures living in this world. I can't wait to read the next story in this series and hear what happens with the rest of the Fallen. I'll also be going back to grab the first two books in this series: [bc:Vacation with a Vampire: StayVivi and the VampireIsland Vacation|13545614|Vacation with a Vampire StayVivi and the VampireIsland Vacation|Michele Hauf||19110681] (Vivi and the Vampire is the first short story in the series) and [bc:Renegade Angel|7946257|Renegade Angel|Kendra Leigh Castle||11492946].

And let me just say, Phenex...holy hell. That man. Or Angel. Or Demon. Or whatever he is, was freaking smokin hot! I loved his heart, his emotions and even though he tried to be surly and guarded, his light shone through, as did his music. It was the sweetest thing ever the way he always kept Sofia close to him, his wing wrapped around her while they slept, or while they walked, or ate dinner. It was the most romantic thing ever and I think I may have actually swooned a little bit.

As for Belial. Well. He's certainly a baddie of the worst kind. What he did, or almost did to Sofia?! What a jerk! He totally deserved everything he got. But I have to say the best part of this book was when Phenex asked Uriel for help and the answer that came. My heart broke. Phenex knew he could lose everything by doing what he did to save sofia, but he did it anyways. Now that's my kind of hero. *sighs*

Despite not reading the first two in this series, I wasn't lost or confused by what was going on. The author did a great job filling in the gaps and explaining all about the history of the Angels and the Fallen, and we even see Raum and Jason and get just enough to whet our appetite (which is why I have to go back for their stories!!) Meresin and Dru's story is next and the set up for those two and their issues in Demon's Song has me intrigued as well!

*This book was a self purchase and all opinions are my own.*