Surrender - Lora Leigh Okay. Well. Wow. Where do I start with this one?

Let's talk about Tess first. She was certainly a contrast. One minute she was snappy and rude to Cole, the next she was all over him, and the next she was all depressed. My head was spinning from her range of emotions.

Now don't get me wrong. I liked Tess to a degree. Or maybe I just liked Cole and that he could keep Tess under control. I liked Cole, I liked how he had the ability to drive Tess crazy. And that first scene when he called her? That was incredible.

One thing that freaked me the hell out was Ella. I think she eventually gets her own book. Sorry but after reading Tess' book I do not want to read about her mother getting some action. That scene with Ella and Tess' dad walking in was gross enough for me. (I swear, I mean, can you imagine anything more mortifying than your parents walking in on you when you're in the middle of a menage?! OMG.

I like this author and she is clearly a talented writer, so even though this book was only okay for me, I will keep reading through her backlist. I might *MIGHT* read more in this series but well, I'm a little nervous (see spoiler above if you want to know why. But it's a spoiler, so be prepared.)