The Mercenary - Cherry Adair So, this book. Hmm. Not sure what to say really. I liked it. Or rather, I loved the hero, Marc. He was hot, broody, alpha and well worth all the swoons. The heroine on the other hand drove me a bit crazy.

First, the lying. Oh how I hate that in a book. I mean, part of it is Marc's fault too. He should have questioned her about just what the hell happened when she showed up at his house. But why the hell did she cower in front of him while also trying to get him to help her while also just being a damn liar about some pretty important facts?! That pissed me off. Marc should have known from the beginning about what had happened to her and why. Or at the very least, be way more pissed than he was when he found out.

Also, it was kinda weird that, even at the end, we see no sign of Alex. We hear about him through the heroine's thoughts and there is a "telepath" glimpse here and there with him and the Tory, but that's about it.

All in all, while I liked the action, there really were A LOT of parts I had to suspend my disbelief over. And I'm fine with that, being as in this genre I do that a lot. But some parts just, well, my mind was boggled at times.

Like at the end, did I miss it or as the two reconciled did Tory forget to tell Marc about the bun in the oven?! I read it three times and didn't see any mention of it other than before Marc got to the house. There was also no scene between Alex and Marc-idk, wouldn't that be important since Marc was in love with Alex's sister?!

And where the hell were the rest of the T-FLAC members?! How is it that Marc did all this on his own, without help or back up other than Angelo? That didn't fit either.

On the plus side, I did like Marc and Victoria together once they got past her being scared of her own shadow. And the tension (and sex itself) was pretty hot between the two.

So yeah, I wasn't overly impressed but I didn't hate it either. It was ok. Average. Meaning I will read more of this author. I will be reading more of this series, despite my issues with this book. I never just stop at the first (usually) since sometimes the first and second are hard as worlds and characters are being established. Guess we'll see how it goes with the next couple books!